Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Part 1: Fun times with Mimi and Doodad

After our 4th of July in Ft. Worth we made our way to Red River, New Mexico. This was my 3rd time to go with Ben. The weather and scenery in Red River are so perfect. At night it got down to 40 degrees and it never got over 80. So you can imagine how I am not loving the triple digits we have now even more than usual. I spent 5 years growing up in Colorado so I have never learned to accept the heat and I still miss the mountains every day.

This picture cracks Ben and I up. It's such a perfect action shot that it looks totally posed. Like a little running mannequin.

Watching the hummingbirds with Mimi

Snuggling with the bear footstool. The rule in Red River is that everything must be decorated in a bear or moose motif. The last time Ben and I went to Red River we actually saw 3 bears by the garbage cans. This time we just saw their paw prints on the bins.

The wildflowers in New Mexico are gorgeous. They're in every yard and windowsill.

Trying on DooDad's glasses. She's very Urkelesque in this pic.


bcstark said...

Ok, I literally laughed out loud at that first pic - she really does look like a little mannequin! Adorable.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I love that his name is DooDad!

Gena said...

Love the first and last pictures. She's such a long haired cutie.