Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long December

What a crazy month! Here's how it went down:

Ben graduated with his MBA from OC. We are so proud of him! He also turned 31 which is pretty impressive in itself.

Aidan set out milk and cookies for Santa, who was thankfully able to maneuver around the piles of laundry to visit two sweet girls.

Cora decided that if everyone was going to give her cool stuff she was going to figure this crawling thing out ASAP.

Aidan continued her quest to acquire ever Disney Princess product ever made.

Cora rued the slow (normal) hair growth that resulted in Mommy's new fondness for hats.

Ben and Dara resolved to spend less time traveling next Christmas and more quality time with these girls.

We only have a few years with them this way and we want to savor every moment.