Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swim Lessons and 4th of July

It's really convenient to have a swim instructor in the family. It's not as convenient when your swim instructor lives 3 hrs away. We made good use of being in Ft. Worth and enlisted Anna to help Aidan in the pool.  Aidan's greatest joy in life besides flushing entire rolls of toilet paper is making me out to be a big fat liar.  So of course I had made a big deal about how badly she had done the last time we had been at the pool (Mandy you can vouch for me). Which means that she was of course pretty perfect for everyone else.

Oooo Swim Instructor face.

First jump into the pool

Mom, I'm getting really sick of all the lies you tell about me. I have always had perfect pool etiquette. You're just jealous. 

After we got little Michael Phelps out of the pool we headed out to Ben's grandparents in Granbury, TX.  This has kind of become our annual 4th of July spot.  I think Texas has good 4th of July celebrations because they don't really have to decorate. The state is pretty much draped in red, white, and blue at all times. 

Exbibit A: Texas Sports teams are already the necessary 4th of July colors. 

Our little firecracker

Going for a ride in her Papa's walker. 

I have no idea if the fireworks were good, I was passed out in bed dehydrated from the scalding heat. But judging from the sounds I vaguely remember hearing  in the neighborhood, either I was dreaming about Beirut or Granbury did it up right. 

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