Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am I allowed to blog without posting pictures of my kids?

Hey Uncle Jesse remember when I had a blog?

I don't want to be one of those people who doesn't blog for a month and then starts every post with remember when I used to blog....but remember when I used to blog?

What's really sad is that I had lots of great stuff to talk about and just no time.

I turned 30.

That wasn't actually great but all the hoopla surrounding it was.

My friendsies came. I missed those who couldn't make it! I love them! I love eating mashed potatoes and watching Miss America with them and making fun of delusional "ladies" seeking the hand of Mr. Brad Womack with them.

Then my wonderful sneaky husband sent me on a surprise trip to San Francisco to visit my other half; my separated at birth Egyptian (or is it Turkish ;) sister Lailah

There were trolleys! And boats! And hills! And prisons on islands!

I was forced to eat a bucket of donuts against my will. Forced!

My real sister came down from Portland to hang out with us Turkish kids.

I went to China! But I didn't need a passport. So convenient! And economical.

I can't thank Ben, Lailah, and Lindsay enough. I really needed to get out of dodge for a bit and I had an amazing time.

Did I mention that I have adorable children but no pictures to post? I will fix it I promise.