Friday, March 27, 2009

America do me a favor...

Start voting for Matt Giraud on American Idol. I almost had a heart attack last night. Are you listening people? He's soooo good. I know the forehead mole keeps growing but he can get the mole removed AFTER we make him famous.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hats Entertainment

I find it interesting that a person who screams like a banshee if someone tries to brush her hair is so interested in having something on her head at all times. Also doesn't she look about 6 in the last picture?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just to put your mind at ease....

...I wanted you to know that I've hired a professional to make the cake for Aidan's 2nd birthday. Yes it's not until June but no one wants a repeat of this. I just wanted you be to able to sleep at night.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

Hanging out with Aunta. Literally. We saw some people at the zoo today dressed just like this.

That's better.

Grading high school English papers with her Mimi. George Orwell is soooo overrated.

Today we went to the zoo and of course had to see Nemo.

I had visions of Aidan getting her head stuck the whole time she was doing this.

Aidan wasn't as interested in the animals today, she had more fun pushing the stroller and observing the human species in all its weirdness.

And swinging....

....with Daddy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy Inappropriateness

I've been fairly sick with Strep for the past few days. Fortunately Aidan was already on antibiotics from a previous illness so she has stayed healthy. As all of you parents know sometimes when you're sick you let your kids do things you wouldn't normally do because dear lord you just want to lay down for five minutes before you die.

Anyways, Aidan is OBSESSED with my cell phone and the remote. I tried the whole toy cell phone/remote thing and she just looked at me like I was idiot. Then I got really sneaky and gave her my sister's deactivated cell phone and our old remote we don't use now that we have cable. She tossed them aside like they had a fungus growing on them. This kid is particular with her technology.

So I'm trying to lay down and I give in and let her play with my cell phone. 5 minutes goes by and all of the sudden I hear a voice coming out of the phone. I jump up to to see who she has called and as I hold the phone to my ear I made a startling discovery. My 22 month old daughter has called a 900 number....

John is 21 and has sexy, wavy brown hair and would like to walk on a beach with me and .....I shriek and drop the phone. So Ben when you get our cell phone bill and there's a $10 charge from the Sexy, singles, hotline I hope you know me well enough to know I would never do such a thing, it was your baby daughter.

Although I am kind of impressed she managed to get the male hotline.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vienna March!

Read the previous post first but these videos show the New Years atmosphere much better than the pictures.  There are no organized fireworks shows in Vienna, with fire trucks and policemen standing at the ready.  The basic rule seems to be if you have two hands you can launch fireworks. Fireworks on the street, fireworks out of windows, fireworks hidden in trash cans, fireworks launched out of champagne bottles, and my worst fear sparklers.  I get so nervous at weddings when they have sparklers. Sparklers + ring bearers= trouble. But I digress, It was nuts, but so much fun to be a part of. Although I admit to jumping out of my skin a few times. 

Earlier in the evening we hung out in front of Rathaus before it got too crowded to move. This was the Broadway show-tunes/Austrian folk-song stage. If you turn up your speakers you can hear a very large man singing "Get Me to The Church on Time"from My Fair Lady in German. And no before you ask, there weren't any Sound of Music songs.  There were definite age zones with the different stages and this was kind of the mid 40s crowd. So we decided we should be cool and go down to where the party was a little younger....

...on Kartnerstrasse and Stephansplatz.  You can't tell but there were thousands of people surrounding the square but no one could walk through because a bunch of teenagers were launching fireworks into Stephansplatz. This is when Ben and I began to feel old. Although I will say it was comforting to be in a country where we knew no one in the crowd was packing heat. Just fireworks:) Ben and I were just cracking up because it was so different from the Vienna we knew. So to clarify, it's rude to talk above a whisper on the tram, but cool to shoot fireworks at the cathedral where Mozart got married? Got it. Everyone needs a night off once in awhile.

So we hightailed it back to the comparatively calm Rathaus and got to enjoy the final countdown surrounded by people speaking every language imaginable. It was so much fun and everyone was so friendly. And then the fireworks REALLY started. It doesn't seem like much in the video but you have to imagine the same thing going on in pretty much every street in Vienna. We saw fireworks all along our way walking back to the Ubahn and even out by our hostel.  We had such a great time and I have to say that it beat watching Ryan Seacrest and like the Jonas Brothers while sitting on my couch.  

One time we went to Vienna...

...and I completely forgot to blog about New Years Eve which was kind of a big part of our experience. I was going to try and explain each thing more but honestly most people who didn't go to Vienna will not be interested in this post anyway:)

First of all anyone who ever went on Vienna Studies would probably not think of Vienna as party central. The people are usually quiet and the city has a pretty sedate atmosphere most of the time. Which is why a big group of loud, obnoxious college students usually garnered some stares. It was kind of nice to slip under the radar this time.

Anyways, Vienna goes absolutely INSANE on New Years. Ben and I could not believe it. We're talking dancing in the streets, shooting fireworks at 500 year old buildings etc. There were so many people and it was really fun.

The big thing for New Years in Vienna is Viel Gluck or Good Luck and so they have lucky symbols on everything. These symbols include four leaf clovers, mushrooms, chimney sweeps, ladybugs, elephants and....

...pigs apparently, lots and lots of pigs. We tried to find out exactly what about pigs is lucky but the explanation was pretty hazy.

Vienna's New Year festivities are spread out over a New Years "trail" through the pedestrian areas of central Vienna. The trail started at the Rathaus and spread out towards Stephansdom.

The trail was marked by these orange a-frame huts that sold food and drink and souvenirs. Everywhere the street opened into a square there was a small stage playing different genres of music. This was the "country" stage right next to Schottenkirche. Hearing Dolly Parton sing 9 to 5 while walking through the streets of Vienna was a surreal experience.

This was the "pop" stage. They had a bunch of dancers that were soooo cheesy. It was hilarious. Did I mention it was crowded? And cold? For those of you who remember this the square in front of Brezl Gwolb.

The most famous bakery in Vienna is Demel. I had eaten there before but Ben never had, unfortunately it was too crowded the whole time we were there to get in. We were so excited that Demel along with several other restaurants, pubs etc. had set up a booth in front of their building. We get sacher torte fresh out of the oven for a lot cheaper than eating indoors.

Kohlmarkt looking towards Graben

The biggest crowds were at Rathaus where the Christmas Market was turned into a New Years Market. They even have special New Years Mugs. Did I mention it was crowded? and cold?

This is looking back at Burgtheater from Rathaus. It was packed solid.

Right before the clock struck midnight and the crazy fireworks started. I have some videos I want to post next that well better highlight the evening.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So let me get this straight...

Ben was gone for 8 days, then came back and got the flu, The Bachelor turned out to be the biggest jerk in the world, Aidan is miserably sick, and NOW I have to lose an hour of sleep this weekend because of stupid Daylight Savings Time? Come ON!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Photoshop Not Required

When you look at these pictures full size, Aidan's eyes really are insanely blue.  And yes she is wearing a vintage Star Wars shirt and H&M ski hat.