Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank you for staring...I hope your shopping cart squeaks.

I felt the need to post a picture of Aidan looking semi-happy (or just sleepy) so I could remember what it looked like. She has been sooooo unhappy all day. I think she must be getting some new teeth. How else can I explain the 5 or so full on kicking and screaming, throwing her self on the floor episodes we experienced today? I went to Target with her this morning and had to leave without buying anything because I had a wailing banshee in my cart. I'm just not ready to brave the glares of fellow shoppers quite yet. I need a name tag that says 'Tantrum Trainee: Please do not judge me'

PS Is it just me or does Aidan look she's getting some red in her hair?


myra said...

Ahh the joys of living in the land of toddlerdom. Hang in there. She'll get over her tantrums. But I know it's not fun to see people staring at you while you're child has a meltdown in public. She's a cutie though! I love her blue eyes!

Aunt Gloria said...

5 episodes in one day huh...oh dear - she must be teething big time. Just remember how she usually just charms everyone in sight with those beautiful eyes and precious smile. An Angel!

Bethany said...

I feel your pain, Dara. Today at lovely and crowded Hanauma Bay Elliott flipped out because we had to put away the goldfish crackers she was eating and I made her put her hat on because of the never-ending bright sun here. So in front of a crowd of tourists SHE BIT MY SHOULDER. So I carried her facing out and she bit my arm instead. I should have been charging admission.