Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Weecap

My cousin Jared got married this weekend and the whole Smith side of the family was in town. Meanwhile I turned in a 25 pg. research proposal.
The bride and groom, and the Nana.

This was one of the first weddings at the new Lawson Commons at OC, I think it's going to be the new place to get married on campus. As long as they turn off those bird repellent speakers.

Lailah swooped in for a band aid visit. Quick and painful. Come back!!!!


Emily said...

I so did not know you were Jared's cousin. My brother in law was one of the ushers. How funny.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were Jared's cousin either! That's interesting...blogs are so educational! (this is angela "sawyer" kopy by the way)

Aunt Gloria said...


You look beautiful, Ben always is handsome and that child with the gorgeous angel for sure.

Nana is the lovely grandmother, so regal and Jarrod and new wife are a striking couple. Please give them my best.

Aunt Gloria

Lailah Rafik said...

I knew you were Jared's cousin, but that's because I am awesome. I love us and our picture! miss you already.