Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Picture Fun

We have been so busy lately with baby showers and weddings! Ben's sister's wedding is next Saturday and Ben is now doing the ceremony too! Also I got an Iphone and I'm not going to lie sometimes it's hard for me to drag myself away from it and get back on my actual computer. They need a Blogger app! My pictures have been sitting on my camera forever so I need to get back in gear.

Aidan and I on Mother's Day. Aidan calls earrings pretties.

Aidan with her Mimi and Aunta in Ft. Worth

Aidan on the night of her first Sonshine School Program.

Chris and Anna modeling our his and her's snuggies. Now available in hospital green.

This picture of Vivian and Aidan makes me laugh every time I look at it. Please enlarge this and see the funny face Vivian is making.

Here's a gorgeous picture of you Viv, so you can't be mad at me.

I just realized that every single item of clothing that Aidan is wearing in this blog post came from her Aunta. Thanks Anna!


Mandy said...

Those pics are great! I also love the one of Viv and Aidan, look at Aidan's face though, she looks like she does not approve of what Viv is up to!

Tamra said...

YES! I was just about to comment with the exact same thing Manders said. Aidan's face in that picture is priceless! Can't believe how big the girls are getting. Seeing them once or twice a year isn't sufficient!