Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chris and Anna's Wedding in Pictures

Chris and Anna's first dance to "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. They were so adorable. Later I learned that my mother-in-law and Ben's Uncle Ed are really good dancers. You should see them do the twist!  Ben's Richardson grandparents won the dance off for the couple who had been married the longest, 61 years! I missed Ben's dancing since I was off trying to perform an exorcism on my daughter but I heard it was pretty fun too. 

The view of the reception from the dock. Ben's entire family and all of their friends worked so hard to make this wedding fun for Anna and Chris. Ben did a great job with the ceremony. I was proud of him. 

I would love to show you multiple adorable pictures of my angelic flower girl daughter but unfortunately she failed to make an appearance for the weekend and was possessed by something slightly more demonic.  P.S. I really loved our bridesmaids bouquets they were gorgeous.  You can't really see it but I have a really pretty orchid in my hair too. P.S.S. I am not naked. 

I don't think Ben's dad sat down all weekend. Not that there's anything unusual about that fact. He managed to calm Aidan down several times. She LOOKS angelic at least. And she walked down the aisle very nicely which is the most important part. 

Now you can start to see Ben and I's eyes glaze over from the exhaustion of trying to make Aidan behave.  In fact while we were taking this picture she headed straight for the lake but fortunately Zack Ward intervened. 

 This is my favorite picture that we took of the Falcon's. The sunset was so beautiful. I just love Anna's dress. She looked like a supermodel. I hate her. Not Really!!!! Just a little, just her arms. 

Anna and Chris make out behind her brother's back. It's okay Ben they're married!

Oh look Aidan came back to us! With lovely morning after flower girl hair. Your hair really does get bigger in Texas. You should have seen mine this morning. I looked like Dolly Parton. Strangely there are no pictures. 


myra said...

What a beautiful wedding!
Sometime's my usually sweet Morgandy's evil step-twin will appear, too. I (gasp) have been known to tell Sweet Morgandy (after her evil twin has left) that I'm glad she's back. Maybe one day (when she's three, or six, or twenty-one) her twin will go away forever. If you figure it out! At least, this time, you seem to have lots of back up :).

Mandy said...

Aw man, I wish I could've been there, it looks gorgeous! I need to see more pics!

bcstark said...

I know the exhaustion of chasing after a toddler at a wedding - I can't imagine doing that and being a part of the wedding party too. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding - and Aidan really does look adorable.

Bethany said...

Ben did a great job, Aidan made it down there, and you all looked great. I am with you about Anna's arms!