Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday-Going to the Chapel

May’s assignment: Since so many people get married during the month’s of May and June, I have designated May’s theme as “Going To The Chapel”. So get out photos of your wedding, your sibling’s wedding, your best friend’s wedding; heck, you can even post photos of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and honeymoons if you’d like (just remember to keep them family friendly).

Okay I may have possibly gotten a little carried away with Flashback Friday this week. But I have so many good wedding pictures and they just brought back so many memories. Check out Melinda's blog since she is the one who comes up with all of these fun challenges. I made no attempt to keep these in chronological order (as evidenced by my waist line) I just wanted everyone to enjoy the fun pictures.

Blog PDA!!

My Ice punch bowl. This was honestly my favorite thing ever. I wish I could have kept it in a freezer and brought it out for special occasions. I still haven't used my china but I totally would have used a frozen punch bowl.

Getting squeezed into my dress. Just call me Scarlett.

My sweet husband.

I found a picture of Mandy! She was a great photographer and I will always claim credit for being her first wedding.

I think we stayed at our reception for about 20 minutes. We were out of there. I love weddings when they're not my own:) I was just way too nervous.

My pictures of Morg's wedding got ruined by my dumb disposable camera so I think I should include an extra picture of her in her bridesmaids dress for my wedding.

Tamra's Wedding in San Antonio. I like our bang.

The lovely bride.

Jayna's wedding in Ft. Gibson, OK. Jayna had princess hair on her wedding day. She also picked the most flattering shade of orange you've ever seen.

And of course she also had fabulous makeup:) Is that MAC Varneesh Mandy? I loved the flower in Mandy's hair by the way it was adorable.

Lailah's rocking bachelorette party in downtown Ft. Worth. I pumped breastmilk in the hotel bathroom. It was wiiiiillllld.

Lailah's Egyptian wedding in Ft. Worth. Lailah's dress was amazing, I am trying to hide the fact that my dress is 2 sizes 2 big (for once in my life).

Lailah gave her bridesmaids really cool jewerly. Me and Aubs and Aidan in the blazing Texas heat.

My sister's wedding in Edmond. Aidan was only around 2 months old. She was soooo tiny.

I hate this photo of me but it was technically Aidan's first time as a flower girl. I carried her down the aisle. I wore the dress she's wearing when I was a baby.

Mandy's wedding outside of Tulsa, OK. Mandy's wedding was one of the most beautiful I've ever been apart of. Everything was so well planned and so much fun. And the night before we got to watch Lynn do belly flops on the trampoline.

Mandy doing my hair at Aubrie's wedding. This picture made me laugh because I always make one of the girls do my hair and makeup at every major event we've ever attended. Jayna does great liquid liner. Mandy is the queen of eyeshadow and lips and Tams and Aubrie have tamed my mane on more than one occasion.

All of Aubrie and Lucas's friends after their wedding. And the most terrifing cake cutting experience of my life. Tall cake + short girl= hijinks that are only funny years after the fact.

Anna Jane's wedding. In the middle of an ice storm I remember all of us just trying to make it to the church in one piece.

The gorgeous bride being entertained.

I believe I am in a dance off (You're welcome Aubrie)


Morgandi said...

I love all of the pictures. Especially the dance-off picture. So cute! But the picture of the two of us...I love it, but I was a little bit too tan. Oh to be young again.

Aubrie said...

What. in. the. world. What am I doing?? Whatever it is, it looks pretty awesome.

Dara said...

Aubrie I believe you are dancing like no one's watching.

Jenny said...

Great pictures. Your wedding dress is very pretty.

Mandy said...

Oh, I love all the pics! I am making a really weird face in one of them, but I'm used to that!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. What a lot of fantastically fun weddings you have been in : ). That punch bowl was pretty cool. Do you think you would have had room for it in your freezer? : )

Melinda said...

Holy cow you have taken part in a lot of weddings...and all beautiful ones at that. However, I think I may have peed my pants a little when you shared with the entire cyber world that you pumped breast milk in the hotel bathroom! (lol) : )

Jayspee27 said...

Dara! These pictures are so awesome! I LOOOVE THEM! I always wanted your punch bowl. I talk about it to this day! :) I love our picture together, but I must say, Aubrie wins with the Dance off!!

Lynn Valdez said...

I will record myself doing belly flops and mail it to you promptly. I knew that was your favorite part of life. LOVE YOU!