Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend in Willow, Oklahoma. Willow is a tiny tiny town out in southwest Oklahoma kind of in between Elk City and Altus. My Nana is it's queen.

Aidan helped my Nana fill her bird feeder. There are so many different kinds of birds that hang around her house.

Someone decided to add Aidan to my Nana's Easter centerpiece. She kind of blends right it.

It was way too rainy to hunt Easter Eggs outside so we had to settle for hiding them in the floral couches.

All of Aidan's eggs had Fisher Price Little People hidden in them.

Playing with her loot.

Ben and I took some pictures around my Nana's house. Willow is just out in the middle of nowhere and the sky and the colors are always really intense.

I love this picture of the horizon. I think Oklahoma skies are the most beautiful in the world.


Newberry said...

Wow that looks really pretty! Aidan also looks very beautiful in her Easter dress.

Amanda said...

I'm glad she got to hunt some eggs, even though they only could be surrounded by printed nature. ;)

I love those big OK skies!

Bethany said...

Little people in the eggs was a good idea. We just hid empty ones and made it up the kids with cupcakes inside.