Sunday, February 15, 2009

The thing about the internet is....

Sometimes it's a big ole pile of crazy and sometimes you need to step back from that crazy and remind yourself that not everyone's as crazy as they seem online. So with that extremely cryptic nugget I guess I'll get back to blogging.  Hello friend, I've missed you.

Well let's recap the last 2 months. Okay not really. But I did want to mention that Aidan got a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas. Oh yeah, the Ruxpin is back!!! (By the way I just Googled Teddy Ruxpin to double check how to spell it and I ran across a few fan sites that would make your lose your mind, this is not helping me get over my fear of the crazy).

Anyways Aidan has fulfilled her father's childhood dreams (apparently I was spoiled rotten) and received a Teddy Ruxpin of her very own.  My cousin Sarah and my Nana were so sweet and wanted her to have one because they remembered how much I loved mine. 

Guys, I don't want to alarm you or anything but this bear is speaking to me.


One thing I've noticed about the new Teddy Ruxpin is that it's a bit smaller than my old one. I guess when you don't have to have a VHS tape shoved in your nether regions you can build a smaller bear. Hey technology is great!

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