Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marathon Update

I finally uploaded pictures from our new camera and got everything figured out with my new computer. If you ever want to feel old and dumb try switching from a Dell to a Mac sometime. I really love my Mac now but it made me feel like I'd never used a computer before for a few days.

Since I'm weeks and weeks behind I'll just present an assorted jumble of pics from the last month and a half for you.

Aidan attended Vivian's 1st birthday and greedily plotted how to steal her presents.

Aidan watched football with Ben's side of the family on Thanksgiving with her underwear showing and her finger up her nose. Just like at real NFL games!

Aidan mastered the djembe.

Jazzercised with Aunta

Developed a healthy fear of cats from Uncle Ben (you have to enlarge this picture, her face is priceless)

Remained suspicious of cats

Chilled w/ Uncle Ben

Chilled with herself

I love our new camera

Next up: First haircut!


Bethany said...

I still can't believe your sister also married a Ben.
What kind of camera did you get? I am about tired of ours.

bcstark said...

Had fun looking at all your photos - Aidan is adorable, and she has a gazillion times more hair than Jackson does now!

Dara said...

We got a Nikon. You'll have to ask Ben for details, I wasn't really paying attention.

Lynn Valdez said...

Awesome photos!!! So your title of this post, I totally thought you were training for a marathon. I was really proud. I thought Morgandi must have you taking her place or something. So you cut her hair?? I am scared to do it. Let me know how it goes. Can't wait to see the photos. LOVE YOU