Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peach Festival

This weekend the MSB had a show at the Porter Peach Festival so Aidan and I decided to make the trip too. We had so much fun and Mandy's parents were nice enough to let us stay with the whole Essary clan in the peach capitol of Oklahoma.

Aidan's 1st MSB concert. You can barely see it but she was dancing. Yes I said DANCING! No choreography for this house.

Peach Central

Award winning jamstress

Current Porter Peach Queen...that's the hand of a certain former Miss Porter Peach teaching this Miss Peach how to do a better pageant wave.

Aidan really enjoyed the parade.

Ha, she can't get me.

Hey what's that across the street?

EWWWWWW! Not one but TWO nipple rings.
On my list of things that disturb and upset me that falls somewhere between vanity license plates and any Law & Order/CSI series.

Mandy's nieces were so sweet with Aidan and she thought they were sooo cool and hilarious. Someone gets a little grumpy in the heat. I wonder where she gets that? Weird.


Gena said...

That last picture has me rolling. She does NOT look like a peachy party goer, that's for sure.

Mandy said...

Cute pics! Especially the guy with the nip rings, so classy!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures (except for the nipple ring pics)!

Ahh -- Porter Peaches. . . now I'm missing Oklahoma.

Aubrey said...

Cute!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Love Aidan dancing...too fun!

Tamra said...

I'm disturbed by the Rhinestone Cowboy.

Love the other pics. Aidan is one partay animal, that's for sure.

And I especially think it's funny that Marcy was parading around her girls in business promotion attire.