Monday, May 12, 2008

1 errand...2 pet peeves.

Today as I went to pick up Aidan's prescription allergy medicine (sigh) I encountered 2 pet peeves that make me irrationally crazy and I thought I'd share them with you. These pet peeves are specific to me and don't make the perpetrators bad people (unlike people who send their unattended middle schoolers to the mall and people who explain the plots of movies during the movie).

1. I do not know why but when people refer to salsa as hot sauce it drives me up the wall. I guess it's descriptive, but as an avid fan of the Tex-Mex...Okie-Mex. I cannot abide this. Salsa is salsa and hot sauce is hot sauce.

2. This is dumb but I cannot handle when you're spelling your name and people say A as in Adam or B as in bear etc. It drives me nuts. See? Irrational. Part of it stems from the fact that I used to answer phones for a living, I was a professional phone answerer. Imagine the snootiest voice imaginable going ...P as in Paul, A as in Apple...ALL DAY LONG, really slowly, as if you couldn't possibly grasp the concept of the alphabet even though you are a college graduate, and then you will understand. Ever since I acquired the name Tinius people are always like Pinius as in Paul?...and then I fight it as long as possible and say t T TT!!!!! and then I have to give in and say something stupid like T as in Tiger.


Gena said...

T as in tiger. You are so funny, Dara. I'm taking it both of these pet peeves happened to you on your errand. My newest peeve is how difficult these letters are to read at the bottom of people's comment boxes on blogs. They make them SO tricky to decipher sometimes, it almost takes a college degree to figure them out.

Amanda said...

lol...ok, I admit, those are weird pet peeves... ;)

Anonymous said...

I share your peeves. Apparently we are both odd.

I was updating name stuff over the phone and was asked to spell my last name. So I started out " in Blankinship." :)