Friday, October 5, 2007

"I'm not a woman any more...I'm a mom"

I have a confession to make. A few days ago, in full view of my impressionable infant daughter...I almost purchased a pair of Mom jeans. I know...I'm so ashamed.

I could never understand why someone would voluntarily wear denim parachute pants until I had a baby. Suddenly every pair of jeans I try on is low rise and pushed down by this weird belly that seems to have a mind of its own. I was about to give up and purchase a pair of relaxed fit jeans. They fit, they were comfortable, and Aidan was getting impatient.
Then I turned around and looked at my rear...and marched right back into the dressing room determined to find a better pair. I succeeded, and now I can sleep at night.

Well, when Aidan says I can.

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Summer Lashley said...

this is so sad but the only pair of jean shorts that I can squeeze into at the moment are definitely mom jeans. I think they were my moms in 1990. I almost walked out of the house in them the other day but decided gym shorts were the better option. Unfortunately gym clothes are about all I can fit into right now so I keep hoping that everytime I go somewhere people will think I just got done working out. Now if only that were actually true...