Thursday, September 9, 2010

So about that blog....

...oh yeah I have one. You'll have to cut me some slack, the amount of people I'm responsible for increased by 50% this summer. Or is that 100% or 25% if I count Ben? Those are all wrong aren't they? I'm confused. I'm not very good at math.

Today was Aidan's first day of SS. She is a big 3 yr old and doesn't take naps and goes to the potty by herself and has a hook for her backpack. sob.

Aidan loves school. She loves it so much she gets annoyed when I come to pick her up. I love you too.

Cora is sweeter and bigger every day, maybe there's a correlation. I don't know I'm not a scientist. I'm not good at science or math okay?

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Bethany said...

I really hope Cora still has those big sweet cheeks when I get to finally meet her, because I really want to kiss them.
They are both beautiful!