Monday, June 14, 2010

Aidan's 3rd Birthday!

Can you tell I have 2 kids now? I'm only a week and a half late putting up anything about my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday. My hands are a liiiittle full around here.

Aidan requested a Princess Hello Kitty birthday. Fortunately I was able to find party supplies to combine those 2 things.

My mom made cupcakes. I fed Cora.

Vivian gave Aidan a Sleeping Beauty Barbie. It has not left her sight since.

We gave Aidan her first bike. I am not okay with how big she is.

Ben's family gave Aidan a bouncy castle which she of course loves.

Oh yeah and we have this girl. Let's be honest it will probably be awhile before I post again so I will tell you that at her 2 week appt last week she was already up to 8lbs 7 oz. So she may not be photographed as much as her sister but she's getting fed a lot more.


Michelle said...

I hear you on the getting fed more thing.....I'm about to go nuts, I don't know about you!

Tamra said...

Can't believe Aidan's 3 already -- wasn't it just last summer that I was meeting her for the first time at camp? No??

Cora is a doll!