Monday, May 3, 2010

Nervous and Excited

I can't believe we're getting close to hearing the little baby cry again. And I can't believe Aidan was ever this small. It's funny but I can hear Aidan's toddler voice in that little cry too.

I am so excited to meet our new daughter. I feel so much more impatient this time because I just want her to be here! I'm having bouts of insane nesting lunacy which rival Jesse Spano's flirtation with caffeine pills. I'm so excited! I'm so scared!!


Aunt Gloria said...

Dara, I am so excited for you and Ben AND Aiden! I know you are anxious for that sweet little girl to be here.
I will be praying for you to make it through the tough part easily.
You are dearly loved!

Aunt Gloria

Morgandi said...

I can't wait for this sweet girl to get here. Can't believe she's coming so soon!