Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once Upon a Mattress

Last night Aidan graduated out of her crib and into her big girl bed. Right now we just have a mattress on the floor while she gets used to being able to roll out of bed.

Several people asked me if I was sad that she was out of her crib. It honestly didn't occur to me to be sad because she was sooooo happy and excited about her new bed and her big girl bedding. I like to feel emotions about 6 months after it's appropriate, so if you see me weeping in the fall it will probably be about her not being in a crib anymore.

Aidan has a double ear infection (AGAIN) so she has not been a happy camper, but once we put that mattress on the floor you would have never known she was sick. She was actually shrieking with glee.

In Baby #2 news, I started my 3rd trimester today. Good thing this baby will have somewhere to sleep now.


Amy said...

Hey Dara. Are you guys doing a Toddler bed or going straight for the twin?? Just curious.

Dara said...

Were going straight to twin. She likes to spread out.

Morgandi said...

She can't be old enough to sleep in a bed. I'm crying for you. She's so precious!!

Tamra said...

She's such a big girl! And I'd be happy about the new bedding too. Super cute!

Aunt Gloria said...

Look at that precious happy face. I LOVE Aidan's new big-girl bedding!
It's hard to believe she is out of the crib but this is perfect she can help get new sister's room ready.

Hope Aidan feels better soon and also hope this last trinester will be easy for you. Much love to all.

Aunt Gloria

Aubrie said...

I'm so not surprised that she loves the big girl bed. Love the bedding too!

Bethany said...

THAT IS THE BEDDING I WANTED!!! But since I have to buy it for both of them, and Abbey is old enough to have an opinion, we are getting the cute dogs and cats bedding from Target. Since they fight like dogs and cats anyway I guess it's appropriate.
We have a foam bed bumper thingy that goes under the fitted sheet and is not as ugly as a bed rail. LMK if you want the name of it.