Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Shrimp

I guess I should start blogging on baby #2 I don't want them to have a complex some day. According to BabyCenter Baby #2 is a shrimp now. Unfortunately, my morning sickness has not gone away with the start of my 2nd trimester so this picture makes me kind of nauseous. So sorry to any early preggos out there. I had my monthly appointment on Thursday and the baby's heart beat was 156. I don't really believe in the whole gender heart beat thing but feel free to speculate. We're supposed to find out the first week of January. My doctor reminded me that I wasn't actually supposed to try and lose weight while pregnant and I reminded him that he could shut up and pass me the trash can. Just kidding. Sort of.

Update: My doctor just called and my ultrasound got moved up til Dec. 30th! Yay.

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Morgandi said...

I love your little shrimp already! Plus, I think women are liars when they say they feel better as soon as the second trimester begins. Either that, or they didn't really have morning sickness. I hope you feel better soon!