Friday, October 2, 2009

Waving the white flag

I don't know what we did but Aidan and I have hit the contagious virus jackpot. I haven't had the energy to blog in between running to the doctor and Walgreen's and back and forth from my sick bed to my sick couch. Now we have strep throat and I have to say that I preferred the swine flu. I plan on experiencing all the illnesses this fall and then I'll prepare a final report on my favorite.


bcstark said...

I feel your pain! We haven't had anything serious but someone in our house has been sick almost constantly for the past month. I'm hoping my boss isn't getting tired of how many sick days I've had to take. Hope you all get better, and stay better, soon.

Emily said...

I'm with ya. Sometimes I think it would have been cheaper to just have gone to PA school than to pay for dr's visits every other day.

Aubrey said...

Sorry you guys have been sick!! Strep must be making it's rounds, because that's what I'm recovering from, too....not so fun! Hope you guys feel better soon!!!