Friday, October 30, 2009


Mandy and I persevered last night and were very excited to meet Pioneer Woman/Ree Drummond and get our cookbooks signed. It was so gratifying to learn that she is just as nice in person as she seems on her blog, and we met her after she had already been signing autographs for 2 hours. What was extra fun was that she brought all of her kids, her husband (hellooooo cowboy), her sister, her nephew and her mom and GaGa so it was the entire cast of the blog! Her kids are so precious and polite, it makes me want to home school. Her girls were very sweetly walking around the line and talking to people and signing their books.

Aidan was actually pretty patient in the line and Mandy and I switched out taking her and Viv to the children's section at Full Circle which thankfully had toys. The bag of Halloween candy we brought as a last resort may have had something to do with our success as well. We went into the line knowing we would have to leave if the girls just completely lost it but it never really got to that point. We were out of there by 8:30 but I feel bad for the hundreds of people who were behind us in line. Who knows when they got out of there.

Amy Bellgardt took a good picture of Aidan, PW and I.

Hello tired, gray, morning sickness face. Maybe by the time I'm 40 I will look as good as PW.

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Bethany said...

Oooooooooh jealous.