Friday, September 11, 2009

1st Day of Sonshine School 2009

Sure she may have thrown a colossal fit on the second day of Sonshine School and smacked her head on the door while trying to escape. And maybe she kicked her teacher a little bit, possibly, allegedly. But on the first day of Sonshine School Aidan was perfect. And since that's what I have pictures of the record will show that Aidan had a perfect first week.

Are you done yet? You are mortifying me.


Aunt Gloria said...

I can't quit laughing Dara. Aidan has the cutest expressions and she obviously knows how to express herself clearly. You MUST KEEP these blogs forever so someday Aidan will laugh at all the fun memories you've saved for her. I still think you should write your book 'about the baby'....and I don't mean Ben.

Emily said...

I went in to Cason's class to give him a hug and he goes, "Mom, what are you doing in here?" I said, "I want to give you a hug." He said, "Go away." That's my 3 year old.

Bethany said...

The second day is always worse because they realize you mean it.
Hope her head injury and your head ache are better now!