Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win Susan

Last year I started reading a blog that really had an impact on me. I don't even know how I stumbled across it because its about the sport of cycling and I haven't ridden a bike since I was 15 and I am definitely not sporty. The blog is Fat Cyclist and for the past few years Fatty's (Elden's) wife Susan has been fighting cancer. Last night she died, and when I clicked on the blog this morning I burst into tears. I have never met this family, but I have been so struck by how much Elden loved his wife and how strong and graceful she was in the fight of her life. You can read her story here. Fat Cyclist has been raising money for the Lance Armstrong foundation and they have raised well over 1/2 a million dollars in honor of Susan. If you want to see how a husband should love his wife scroll back through the past few months of entries. Susan and Elden have four children so if you feel like leaving your condolences for the family or donating money to the Lance Armstrong foundation, you can do so here.


Emily said...

Oh no! I read his blog too and I had no idea that she had passed away. That makes me feel so sad for her children and her family.

But what you say is true. He loves her very much and took nothing but the best care of her.

Bethany said...

Thank you for sharing about this. I have been reading a blog about a little girl named Tuesday who died in January after fighting cancer for several months. I prayed for her every Tuesday. There was just something about her mom's writing that spoke to me. I cried when she died too, and I still cry sometimes when I think about them. The blog universe is an amazing tool for sharing people's stories and bringing attention to important causes like fighting cancer.