Thursday, August 13, 2009

19th Street

Last week we had dinner with our friends Blake and Rachel. They just got married and are living down in our old stomping grounds on 19th Street in OKC. We went to visit our old landlady Bonnie so she could meet Aidan. She has so lovingly decorated and cared for all of these 100 yr old buildings. It really got me thinking about our time there and how much we loved it. We'd probably still be living somewhere in Mesta Park if we could afford private school:) Our lives were so different just a few short years ago.

My beautiful fireplace decorated for Christmas. I have dreams about that mantle.

Our screened in balcony looking over into what was Jayna's then Lailah's balconies. So many hours were spent on those balconies.

Our view, we kept those doors open all the time until the mammoth sized squirrels would try and break in. I just miss living there so so much.

But then I remember why we moved, and she's pretty great too.


Morgandi said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just love that apartment so much. I miss living there too. We're even having crazy thoughts of moving back there when we're in OK. I don't know how we'd fit 4 people, but we may be nuts enough to try. I always forget that we lived in the same apartment. So weird!

ann said...

I live on 19th now! :) Small world.

Lailah Rafik said...

i miss that apartment. mainly the porch. well, actually, mainly living next to you and ben. but then the porch is 2nd. You dream about the porch, I dream about the porch, the breakfast nook, and the office. okay, i just dream about the square footage. :) i don't know if you heard, but apts in the bay area are twice as expensive for half the space.