Monday, April 6, 2009

Flower Girl Training

My sister-in-law came up for her personal shower this weekend and Aidan had so much fun hanging out with her. On Saturday morning we went flower girl dress shopping (which you should never do with the actual flower girl, hellooooo meltdown). All the sudden I realized that I have no idea if Aidan will be willing to walk in a straight line come the big day or if she will head for the hills (we'll be on an island so she can't get far). So all of you whose little ones have successfully completed their flower girls duties; did you bribe them, practice runway walking? Should I be acclimating her to large crowds and high temperatures right now? Carb-loading? What?
Can I just wear this instead?


Emily said...

Cason was a bell ringer in a wedding when he was 15 months. He did great and rang the bell the whole way down the aisle. BUT I was the matron of honor so I was coming down the aisle last and I carried him down with me. I also passed him off to my husband who was sitting in the second row.

My advice is to pass her off to someone at the front and don't expect her to stay with the bridal party the whole time.

Mandy said...

I think you should hire Ms. Jay to do a little runway training and call it a day! Or is it Miss Jay?

Amy said...

Kaija has done it twice now--at 18 months and 2.5 years. We just practiced a little before hand, offered candy at the end of the aisle, and made sure I was close at the front so she could sit with me when she got there. Make sure she is comfy in her shoes or at least don't freak out when she takes them off :) Good luck!


Gena said...

Oh boy. I can't give you any tips Dara. Candy bribes are always good. Just have her march down that aisle, retrieve her candy, and immediately SIT DOWN. Nothing scarier that a flower girl on the loose.

I think it's Miss Jay.

OCdeanwife said...


As the mother of 2 professional flower girls (your wedding was one of them!) I can give you this advice: YOU need to take some medication before the wedding starts. You will be more nervous than she will be! If she does great, you'll be proud. If not, you will be the mother of the cute little girl at the wedding! Either way, she may steal the show!

Andrea said...

Hey Dara, Ava's too young to have been a flower girl yet, but I have seen some tricks at recent weddings. One girl had a little basket with flower petals. At the bottom were some care bears (substitute candy/something she would like to have) at the bottom. Her mom told her to pull out the petals on the way down the isle and she could play with the care bears when she got to the end. If there's someone she knows in the bridal party have her aim for that person and sit down and play with the "care bears" by them or have that person open the candy (ie.smarties) and give her them one at a time to keep her there. Or if you're worried about it, have Ben sit on the front row or something and she can just walk to him and sit in the pew. Anyway, just ideas...good luck!!!!
~ andrea moyer