Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gruss Aus Wien

Despite all the airplane drama Ben and I had a wonderful 5 year anniversary celebration in Vienna (well actually in an Embassy Suites in Atlanta but whatever). ANYWAYS, we had a great trip and I'm sure I will have several posts on our vacation but here are a few from our first day in Vienna.  I'm sure some of these pictures won't mean anything to a lot of people but for people who went on Vienna Studies, especially in the early 2000's :) they should bring back some good memories. 

The Maria Theresa monument between the art and natural history museums. This was at 3pm! I forgot how early it gets dark in the winter.  It was freezing too! I think the 3 weeks in between when we left before makes a huge difference in temperature.

Inside Kunsthistorisches, my favorite European museum next to the Musee de Orsay in Paris.

Even the horses had earmuffs on.

Coming through the Hofburg onto Kohlmarkt 

Eating lumberjack potatoes at Zum Bettlestudent where our group celebrated many birthdays:) I think they had the exact same menus. One of the bad things about having only 2 people on a trip is one of you is going to be the one who gets photographed eating all the time.

Some of the newer Christmas decorations leaving Stephansplatz. You can see Pizza Bizi in the distance Wieners.

Rathaus at night. Vienna's town hall is so beautiful.

Eating gelato at Zanoni and Zanoni. Our group always preferred this to Tichy Eis because it was in the center of everything and open all year round.  We bought this hat for our future brother-in-law but I had to break it in because I was so cold. 

We also preferred the happy Italians. 

Next up: Schonbrunn!


Young Fam said...

I can't even begin to tell you how extremely jealous I am...I miss our tower~!

Amanda said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous there, can't wait to see more!

Dara said...

We went out to Neuwaldegg and I looked up at the tower! I miss it too!

Newberry said...

It is so wonderful that you and Ben got to take such an amazing trip together! Looking at your pictures fills me with nostalgia and makes me really want to go back. I'm excited to see some more of your pictures.

Gena said...

I bet you have blogging material for a year straight. I'm envious - especially of Zanoni and Zanoni. That place enabled me to come home with chipmunk cheeks and and extra 10 pounds.