Monday, November 3, 2008

Belated Halloween Post

Our little Dorothy Gale had a great 2nd Halloween, even if I did eat most of her loot. We continued our tradition of partying with the Stansberry's. We always have so much fun, even 3 Halloweens ago when I had the worst morning sickness of my entire pregnancy. This year I actually got to eat Mandy's yummy chili and I didn't have to run to the bathroom 20 times an hour. Although Lucas did almost make me pee my pants. But it's not like it's that hard to do now that I've had a baby. What? Let's keep things honest around here.

Aidan loves her red sparkly shoes.

Ballerina Viv!

The girls played really well together.

Vivian really got into her role as a ballerina!

Ben and I went as The Office Season 2 Jim and Pam. We realized later that Kelly dressed up as Dorothy that season so we really coordinated more than we thought.

I had 3 years of practice as a receptionist. I'm a method actor.

Bunny Carol and Magician Matt

Prego Aubs and Witchy Casey (she's really nice in real life)

Calvin and Hobbes Chris and 80's tourist Anna Jane. Poor Chris was mad because his hair turned out green instead of yellow.

Riz was a sparkly Twilight vampire and Matt and Mandy were a couple I couldn't guess at first although Ben and Lucas got it right away. I am really sad that I don't have more pictures of Matt in his wig. Everyone should have a picture of Matt in that wig. We missed you mommy Olivia!

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Emily said...

You said it sister. Bladder control, much like my waistline, is a thing of the past....