Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anna and Chris

Ben's still dealing with the fact that his baby sister isn't 7 anymore.

Ben's sister Anna and her boyfriend Chris got engaged this weekend in Ft. Worth. Chris and Anna have known each other their whole lives and he proposed at their home church in front of the whole family.

Well I think we know why Chris has been working so hard.


Aubrie said...

I. Love. This. Ring.

Morgandi said...

Gorgeous ring!!! I'm very excited for them. What a cute couple.

Mrs Huggins said...

Wow the ring is almost as beautiful as Anna!

Bethany said...

Can you believe it?! Well, probably you can. I think it's people who actually have known Anna since (before) she was 7 that can't believe it. Thank you for posting the great pictures. I found out they were engaged via facebook so I'm guessing I would never see pics otherwise.