Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ty's Secret Formula Can

Now that I'm free of the stress of comps I can concentrate on more important blogging. I have so many cute pictures of Aidan including our trip to the pumpkin patch but unfortunately I can't share any of those with you right now because our camera is nowhere to be found. Hopefully it will turn up later today.

In the mean time, can we talk about this:

Why is Ty Pennington doing Similac ads? I realize that the ads are announcing the redesign of the formula can and that he is a design "expert." Although, I'm not sure if the ability to yell into a megaphone while wearing your Mid-90s's man necklace really qualifies you to be a designer. Also, the designs on his show are usually more reminiscent of an amusement park. I always cringe when they ask the kids what kinds of things they'd like in their room and the kids say something like 'bats.' Because to say they take these suggestions literally is a gross understatement. I hope you enjoy your bat cave shaped room with bat shaped bed and stalactite (or is it stalagmite?) ceiling when you're 17 kid.

Apparently the new formula can is supposed to keep us from struggling with the formula can. I have never struggled with a formula can. Maybe the Target brand is more cooperative

So anyways I'm just saying I have my doubts that he actually had anything to do with this redesign. Because since this new formula is supposed to be more like breast milk and Ty Pennington is nothing if not literal minded we could have had a highly inappropriate can of formula on our hands.


Newberry said...

Oh my! What a ridiculous choice for a celebrity endorsement. I never had a problem openeing a formula can either.

Tamra said...

All I have for you is laughter....

Welcome back to the Blogosphere, friend. You've been missed!

Mandy said...

AH, it's good to have you back!