Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've had a really hard week. The stress of studying for comps has really gotten to me. Yesterday while having a mini meltdown at the Edmond Public Library I realized that I have to accept that the worse thing that can happen is that I won't pass the first time. And if the worst thing happens I will still be OK. It won't be the end of the world. I'm still exhausted and not looking forward to the next three weeks but at least now I feel calm enough to study to the best of my ability and then move on. The hardest part of all of this studying is that it unavoidably cuts down on my time with Aidan, which of course makes me feel like a big jerk.

You can see that she's really depressed and having a hard time dealing with it all...dancing along with Will Forte on SNL.

PS Just so you know that's dirt on Aidan's rear not poop. That's better right?


Gena said...

You can do it, Dara. Aidan is going to reap the rewards of your scholastic endeavors someday. She'll know all of the nook and crannies of every library.

Aubrie Ross said...

I feel the same way about that skit as Aidan does. It's my favorite!

ME said...

Girls got moves!