Monday, September 1, 2008

The Pink Knight

We had a great time in Ft. Worth this weekend at Ben's Tinius family reunion. Aidan survived several head injuries and spent a lot of time running around squealing and clapping. She had fun running around in a hooded towel that Ben's mom had at her house and she resembled a miniature, pastel, superhero. She is growing up so fast and it's amazing how quickly she gets around now. On Saturday a lot of the family went intertubing on the lake while I enjoyed my excuse of taking care of Aidan that let me stay in the air conditioning. On Sunday we had church as a family at Ben's grandparents and Ben shared a great message like he always does. I did not cry, that was someone else.

Playing with Chris and Aunta

Hanging out with cousin Elliott


Aubrie Ross said...

It's E.T.!

Bethany said...

Halloween costume solved. :0)

Abbey loves the towel that Debby made her when she was one, but I fear she will love Elliott's new one even more, as it is also pink. I was glad to have you and Aidan to hang out with inside this weekend.