Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in the Day

I've been wanting to do a post like this for awhile now.

Today I discovered a folder on my computer that I thought I had lost and there was much rejoicing. I found a lot of these pictures from my college years when I was working in Student Life. Don't sue me OC. Actually I think Mandy probbaly took some of them too. Don't sue me Mandy.

This is the only picture on my computer from my 1st year of Summer Singers. I think this was in the yearbook. I love that Burch is just drinking a coke.

2nd year of SS right before I left for Vienna. Looks like a rockin show huh? This was the day we got wireless on campus. I still get sick tummy when I see a picture of an awkward show.

My fabulous Vienna Studies Group 2001

Most of the group in the Austrian alps. I don't know who took this. I think only 3 or 4 people on our trip had digital cameras back then and we all thought their cameras were so weird. I think I took 32 rolls of film to Vienna.

Christmas Market at Schonbrunn Place in Vienna. See back in the day kids you had to scan in your pictures to get them on your computer.

This was my last and favorite year of Summer Singers. Andrew was our brand new little puppy.

This was right before Ben and I started dating. We're also the only two looking at the camera.

Gamma Banquet Fall 2002 at the Corn Maize

This was the day Ben came home from Vienna, we'd only been dating for a few months when he left. This is also when he had George Harrison/Jesus hair.

This was when the Chorale performed for Gaylord palooza. I'm sure I am laughing at something. Doesn't Morgandi's hair look gorgeous?

Spring Sing 2003. Those were the most expensive jeans I've ever owned. Thanks OC!

Singing a little Led Zeppelin. I think this was Marilyn Dobson's coat in the 70's. It was awesome. I wish Mandy could do my makeup everyday.

I also loved OC cafeteria picnics in the forum.

Gamma Banquet Spring 2003. Aubrie did my hair after a 911 hair emergency.

After our final Summer Singers show. Which was also the day Ben and I got engaged.

Last day of chapel when they brought the seniors onstage.

Graduation 2003. This was when Ben and I were going through our uncomfortable looking like brother and sister phase.
Summer Singer graduation
Pretty much my favorite picture ever.
Chorale tour in San Diego, right after graduation. This was such a fun day!Summer after graduation.


Young Fam said...

Oh I miss Vienna....

Aubrie Ross said...

That was Marilyn's coat & now it's mine! It's my favorite.

I loved that banquet hair!

Lailah Rafik said...

i will not comment on the fact that "your favorite picture" does not have me in it. also, can i come to vienna this winter? i will totally fit in your bag.

Dara said...

I KNEW you were going to say that.

Mandy said...

I love the blast from the past!

Tamra said...

Your favorite picture also does not contain moi. I'm just sayin'....