Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Fever

If you didn't get to see the opening ceremonies last night you missed probably the best one ever. See if you can find some of it online. It was soooo cool! I am a complete Olympic nerd and I always watch as much of it as possible. My favorite parts of last night were the 2,008 drummers who were SO in sync and the moving blocks that I totally thought were mechanical until the end when people popped their heads out and waved. I will say this, all that dedication and precision did make me think that we better not tick off China.

This is Aidan's first Olympics so I hope she grows up loving it as much as I always did.

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Amanda said...

All of the KRBC Sales people (and spouses) went out Friday night to watch the Opening Ceremonies at a restaurant together (unfortunately on a small TV), they truly were awesome!

-fellow Olympic nerd