Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had a great time with Ben's family in Texas this weekend. We shuttled back and forth between Granbury and Ft. Worth. Granbury is the perfect 4th of July town. They have a big celebration and beautiful fireworks over the lake. They also had a booth in the town square that sold nothing but suspenders and straw hats, you don't get that in Edmond.

Aidan celebrated her independence by taking her first real steps on the 4th of July. This wasn't the best video of her walking but I enjoyed the scream of triumph at the end...

One of Aidan's many 4th of July costume changes courtesy of Anna.

This is the smallest bow I could find in the state of Texas

Aidan with "Aunta" and her boyfriend Chris.

Clearly, someone was having too much fun at the lake to bother with something trivial like sunscreen. I would never say I told you so though, that's just not in my nature.

This is the start of one of our busiest weeks ever. The MSB is having their CD release party on Saturday and I have 2 big projects due for grad school. In the midst of all of this is a 13 month old who is learning to walk and leaving a path of destruction in her wake. I wonder who will win?


Bethany said...

Your little half Texan is so adorably patriotic!
Maybe she will wear herself out/entertain herself with walking that you will be able to get everything done. Good luck.

Lailah Rafik said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Seriously ben. you grew up in know what that sun is like. And I have to comment on the fact that you were either wearing a tank top or had your t-shirt sleeves rolled up like a T-Bird. Both of which give me license to mock you forever.

Dara said...

Even worse Lailah, that's a life jacket sun burn.