Friday, June 27, 2008

Vengence is sweet...

Mandy and I took the girls up to the University House dorm at OC to meet up with their Auntie Tams. Don't even get me started on how much nicer that dorm is than what I lived in, kids these days. Apparently I'm 90. Get off my lawn and turn down that music!


Vivian has a few tricks up her sleeves, namely, she has learned to crawl. If you're thinking this will have consequences for Aidan the torturer you are sooo right. Let's watch what happens shall we?

Um, When did she learn to move?

I think I'll just go pull myself up out of danger.

Oh, she can do that too. Hahahah (nervous laugh). Crap.

Seriously what I'm I going to do?

What? I'm just crawling, I forgive and forget man.


Who stole your pacifier this time? That's right! Step off.

Aww Viv gave Aidan her pacifier back.

Or did she.....?

1 comment:

Tamra said...

Um...HILARIOUS! I loved getting to see all you girls. Viv and Aidan were priceless!!!