Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bring it On 4: It's Done Been Brought, the baby edition.

Poor, sweet little Vivian Stansberry has had to put up with a lot from Aidan in the short time she's been on the planet. Aidan loves her and thinks she's lots of fun, but she also likes to smack her, and pull her hair, and swap pacifiers. I keep telling myself that this is normal and that Aidan isn't going to start torturing kittens or burning ants with a magnifying glass.

Vivian was brave enough to come to Aidan's birthday on Friday and Aidan returned the favor by refusing to let Vivian touch any of her toys.

Everyone's playing nicely...or so it seems.

Vivian spots Aidan's prized orange tambourine (which she had owned for about 10 minutes). Look at the gleam in Vivian's eyes. Who can resist an orange tambourine?

I know she did not just grab my orange tambourine.

Snatch. Vivian's heart is broken.


Emily said...

Vivian's face in the last one is so sad! And as I'm sure you know, it won't be the last time Aidan is protective of her toys!

Anonymous said...

Yes, kids do this. I encounter it weekly as I stop by our nursery. And the toddlers class. And the 2's. And the 3's. And the 4's. get my drift.