Thursday, May 1, 2008

7 random things...

Here we go again...

Tagged by Amanda C.

1. I hate all coffee products and yet worked in a coffee shop for two years.

2. I have an irrational fear of cruises. (the boat trips not Tom, although he is frightening as well)

3. I am much more organized at work than I am at home which makes me feel guilty.

4. I currently have to take 15 pills a day for my lovely thyroid. I am a drug mule. (Tom would not like this)

5. I very rarely spend more than $20 on shoes. Target and Payless my friends. I hope someone will carry me around if my feet fall off someday.

6. I am desperately afraid of snakes and spiders, I can't even watch them on TV or look at them in a magazine...I won't even sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to Aidan. What can I say, that movie Arachnophobia traumatized me for life.

7. Sometimes I think about trying to write but then I think wouldn't I already be writing? Hmm. I also have horrible grammar. Is that a good sentence? I don't even know.

I tag Mandy, Morgandi, Jayna, Lailah, and Tams. Feel free to ignore me.

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Emily said...

#2 makes me laugh.

Lailah Rafik said...

why does everyone INSIST on putting pictures in their blogs/facebook/myspace that i am not in. am i dead to you people???

Morgandi Lashley said...

What does it mean to be tagged?

Dara said...

Morg it just means you're supposed to do the same thing on your blog. :)

Lailah, this is revenge for your liking California post. Am I in California? No. :)

Amanda said...

lol, at least I'm not the only one who's more organized at work than at home!