Monday, April 7, 2008

Catching up

While I was without my digital camera a lot of things happened and I had to resort to commemorating them with a disposable camera. Now I used a disposable camera from high school until I went to Vienna my junior year so you wouldn't think it would be that big a deal. I hated it! It was like flying blind. Especially with a baby, you always have to wait until they smile and it happens so fast! So anyways these pictures aren't the greatest, but my baby is:)

Official Easter Dress. I'm so glad Mandy took pictures before Easter because none of these seemed to do her justice. She looks SO cute in her purple dress and her favorite Easter item was the purple tissue paper my parents present to her was wrapped in.

Aidan rocking her pigtails to a new level with her Aunta. Her hair is getting so long again! This time I'll let a professional cut it.

This was her official Daddy's coming home from Japan outfit. My Aunt Brenda found her the perfect shirt. The band's flight ended up being a lot later than expected so I had to wake her up when Ben came in and she was soooo happy.


Morgandi Lashley said...

I love the pictures! Her hair is getting so long!!

Bethany said...

Who was happier, Ben or Aidan? Daddy-Daughter reunions are fun. I LOVE that drumset onesie and must start searching the internet for one for Elliott now.