Saturday, March 22, 2008

Puffs the magic finger food...

I am in love with the Gerber puffs. Aidan adores them and they take her forever to eat. 5 puffs on her highchair tray can entertain her while I get the dishes done. Now I don't really want to have to give my child food whenever I need to do ANYTHING, but for this week while Ben's in Japan they have been an absolute lifesaver.

I also fashioned some ghetto elbow pads for her now that she's doing the army crawl across the carpet. Her little arms get all red but I feel like she'll be too hot in 2 pairs of Baby Legs so I cut up some old socks. She kind of looks like Punky Brewster. I would show you but my camera is somewhere in Tokyo.

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Bethany said...

Abbey still asks me to buy her the sweet potato puffs! But then I caught her feeding half a canister of them to the dog, so no more. Elliott loves the Gerber corn and cheese wagon wheels- like baby fritos!