Sunday, September 16, 2007


Aidan has a lot of hair. Yes, it's true. We hear that about 10 times a day. People stop us at the mall, when we're out to eat, and the nurses line up at the doctor's office. It doesn't bother me she does have a lot of hair for a 3 month old baby. It keeps getting longer too. It won't be controlled. It sticks straight up and is growing into a bit of a mullet in the back. If it does fall out some day I will be a bit sad. Usually I love it, except when she throws up, it ALWAYS soaks her hair. After I'd washed her hair after a pukey episode I decided to experiment with different hairstyles.

I call this the Paul Revere. All she needs is a 3 cornered hat. That's a little Revolutionary War humor for you.

First attempt at pigtails. A little shakey.

Yeah I think the high pigtails win.


Aublog said...

*sigh* Just love it.

Anonymous said...

This is stinking adorable.