Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dear God, please don't let my baby be emo...

So I was telling Aidan what kind of music she was allowed to listen to the other day (U2 good, Nickleback bad) and it crossed my mind that I won't always be able to control what she decides to think is "music." The kiddie music stage won't bother me, she can listen to all the Hannah Montana she wants (is that what they listen to? I'm not sure). It's when she gets to be 15 and starts talking about this awesome band called Daughtry (or whatever its equivalent will be then) that's going to make me weep (and roll my eyes).

Mommm, you don't understand Panic at the Disco is AWESOME!

Never trust a boy who wears eyeliner Aidan. Except for Billie Joe.

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Mandy said...

Thank you for including Billie Joe in that one, I appreciate and agree!