Friday, January 6, 2012

Things to do while your husband leaves you alone with 2 kids to go to Daytona Beach: Based on a True Story

1. Cry
2. Rise to the occasion and be awesome because you are totally tough and cool and can handle anything. (Spoiler: this did not happen)
3. Spend 4 hrs in after hours clinic with children.
4. Provide antibiotics to children with double ear infections.
5. Eat entire bag of Goldfish for dinner at 10pm because it was the only thing you could reach without putting down sleeping toddler who wakes up screaming every time her head hits the pillow. Hypothetically.
6. Plot revenge librarian work trip.
7. Remember that librarians don't get work trips.
8. Rethink career.
9. Blame society.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The blog that time forgot...

My New Year's resolution is to resurrect my blog. I'm also toying with the idea of having my own blog that is unrelated to my girls. We'll see if that ever happens. Clearly we have our hands full here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cora and Aidan's Tangled Up Birthday

Cora is officially one and Aidan turned 4 years old. I can't believe I'm the mother of a 4 year old! I'm sure she can't believe it either. This whole birthdays 2 weeks apart issue is going to get a little complicated but this year we just combined for one big Rapunzel party. You will notice that I totally gave in and ordered cakes from Target this year. I highly recommend it.

I love these sweet sisters. They are so precious and so much fun. I am so lucky to be their mommy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almost 1 and Walking

Cora will be 1 tomorrow! I cannot believe it. This time last year I was in the hospital waiting for a room to open up in the maternity ward and getting pretty anxious that I might not get my epidural in time. I did get it! Even if I only got to have it for about 15 minutes. But those were a nice 15 minutes.

Cora and Aidan looking adorable at Easter. They never ever fight (that is a lie).

Cora's first Sonshine School Program.

Aidan's class. Aidan had been practicing in her room for weeks. She said her program was a secret surprise and we couldn't hear her songs (she should have probably sung quieter).

Proud of our girls!

Cora has also taken her first steps but every time I try and take a picture she immediately sits back down. Maybe on her birthday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog blahs

Cora will be a year old at the end of next month and I am not too happy about my blog performance during the first year of her life.

I have felt woefully uninspired to blog at all. I've been struggling with the fact that I am, by nature, a somewhat sarcastic person, and I often worry that people will take it the wrong way when I write that way about my kids (I am also a people-pleaser, it is an odd combination). I am also not always terribly inspired to write about the ins and outs of parenthood whereas I could write like 3 pages single spaced about the upcoming Royal Wedding.

My kids are astronomically more important to me; but I'm much better at writing about stuff that's not as important. So I guess I will have to try and find a way to balance that for the 3 1/2 people that read my blog.

Because this little girl is far far too precious to not get her blog due...

Right now Cora and Prince William essentially have the same amount of hair*


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am I allowed to blog without posting pictures of my kids?

Hey Uncle Jesse remember when I had a blog?

I don't want to be one of those people who doesn't blog for a month and then starts every post with remember when I used to blog....but remember when I used to blog?

What's really sad is that I had lots of great stuff to talk about and just no time.

I turned 30.

That wasn't actually great but all the hoopla surrounding it was.

My friendsies came. I missed those who couldn't make it! I love them! I love eating mashed potatoes and watching Miss America with them and making fun of delusional "ladies" seeking the hand of Mr. Brad Womack with them.

Then my wonderful sneaky husband sent me on a surprise trip to San Francisco to visit my other half; my separated at birth Egyptian (or is it Turkish ;) sister Lailah

There were trolleys! And boats! And hills! And prisons on islands!

I was forced to eat a bucket of donuts against my will. Forced!

My real sister came down from Portland to hang out with us Turkish kids.

I went to China! But I didn't need a passport. So convenient! And economical.

I can't thank Ben, Lailah, and Lindsay enough. I really needed to get out of dodge for a bit and I had an amazing time.

Did I mention that I have adorable children but no pictures to post? I will fix it I promise.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long December

What a crazy month! Here's how it went down:

Ben graduated with his MBA from OC. We are so proud of him! He also turned 31 which is pretty impressive in itself.

Aidan set out milk and cookies for Santa, who was thankfully able to maneuver around the piles of laundry to visit two sweet girls.

Cora decided that if everyone was going to give her cool stuff she was going to figure this crawling thing out ASAP.

Aidan continued her quest to acquire ever Disney Princess product ever made.

Cora rued the slow (normal) hair growth that resulted in Mommy's new fondness for hats.

Ben and Dara resolved to spend less time traveling next Christmas and more quality time with these girls.

We only have a few years with them this way and we want to savor every moment.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from our family!

Merry Stripes Christmas
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the picture I wanted to use for my Christmas card.

But I decided to dial it back a bit. It didn't seem fair to only show one side of her personality.

Because there's also this....

And everything in between.

Friday, October 29, 2010

You Win Halloween

Aidan was ALL about Halloween this year. She has talked about it for 2 months and we are officially exhausted. She was a fairy princess for her 4 Halloween parties and she wanted Cora to be a flower. In my official unbiased opinion, they were the cutest little fairy and flower you ever did see. We partied at Sonshine School, trick or treated at the dorms, went to Ben's work party and wrapped it all up with our annual Stansberry Halloween bash.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and 5 months

We took Aidan to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. These kinds of activities always seem so much more fun before you're smack in the middle of hoards of unsupervised children. Aidan pretty much hated all of the adorable animals but give her any kind of playground equipment and she will be happy for days. We got some great pictures and once Aidan warmed up a little she had a great time.

The only semi-picture we have of Cora at the Pumpkin Patch. Never wake a sleeping baby.

Definitely not afraid of heights

Happy 5 months Cora! I promise I will try and get better at documenting your life!